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How Grain Waves Are Made

Why do Grain Waves taste so good? It's all in how they are made!

step 1
It all starts with top quality ingredients. We take the finest wholegrain grains; corn, wheat & oats, combine with rice for added crunch, and mix together.
quality ingredients
step 2
The transformation begins as the ingredients are heated and mixed. Pressure and heat produce a mixture which we then feed through a small opening to form the signature 'Wave'.
heated and mixed
step 3
A little fine tuning and the magic of heat.
After rolling to a precise thickness we cut to bite size pieces. Each piece is then cooked until golden and crispy with the unmistakeable Grain Waves 'Crunch'.
step 4
To compliment the heritage grainy taste we sprinkle each and every piece with just the right amount of seasoning to create the flavours you love.
step 5
The finished Grain Waves are then packed and sealed with enough air to cushion your beloved chips. The Grain Waves team makes sure the bags are sealed tightly to keep them fresh and crunchy, so you can keep enjoying them bite after bite!!
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original grainwaves


Grain Waves Original Flavoured Wholegrain Chips makes a delicious snack with just enough salt to enhance the natural flavour of the wholegrain. Why not try them with a dip...yum!
4 grainwaves
sour cream and chives grainwaves

Sour Cream & Chives

Grain Waves Sour Cream & Chives Wholegrain Chips are irresistibly moreish, with the classic combination of smooth sour cream and freshness of chives they have become Australia’s favourite flavour.
bowl of sour cream and chives 4 grainwaves
sweet chilli grainwaves

Sweet Chilli

Grain Waves Sweet Chilli Wholegrain Chips will keep you coming back for more. We’ve added the spicy sweetness of sweet chilli for those who enjoy a little spice in their life.
bowl of sweet chilli sauce 4 grainwaves
smoky bbq grainwaves

Smoky BBQ

Grain Waves Smoky BBQ Wholegrain Chips are the delicious new addition to the range. We’ve added our unique natural smoky flavour which is sweet, tangy and rich in flavour.
bowl of bbq sauce 4 grainwaves
roasted tomato salsa grainwaves

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Grain Waves Roasted Tomato Salsa Wholegrain Chips are our newest family member. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavour of slow roasted tomatoes, garden herbs, onion & spices. For those who enjoy a real flavour hit!
bowl of tomato salsa 4 grainwaves